Get Your Wedding Planning Off to a Great Start By Following These Key Steps

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It’s common to have mixed feelings about wedding planning. On the one hand, the idea of tying the knot with your soulmate couldn’t be more exhilarating. However, there’s a mountain of preparation in between now and your special day. To keep anxiety at a minimum and excitement at a maximum, follow these effective steps for kicking off your wedding planning to a fantastic start.

Book a venue.

Imagine all of your wedding planning decisions as a series of dominos. Choosing a venue is the first domino that will help you knock down all of your other decisions. But without it, you’ll struggle to get anywhere. When you have a free weekend, sit down with your fiancé and make a list of your top 10 venue picks. Then, check the availability of each spot for your desired wedding dates. If your top choice is available, you’re all set! If not, simply move on to the next option in order of priority until you find availability. Aiming to have a decision made within a month or two will help set everything else in motion in a timely manner.

Set a guest limit.

Quantity is an ongoing question when planning a wedding. Whether you’re choosing seating arrangements, working out catering specifics, or deciding on ceremony and reception layouts, the number of people you invite is an essential piece of information to have. The first step is to figure out how many people can fit into your chosen venue. This is the hard number you can’t go over…under any circumstances. It’s helpful to start off with the must-invites such as your parents, siblings, and best friends. Then come the maybes. These are members of your extended family and larger circle of friends. Sticking to this order will make for a smoother selection process.

Decide whose opinion matters (and whose doesn’t).

Without fail, announcing your engagement results in a flood of unsolicited recommendations. Your mother-in-law might claim to know the perfect reception venue or your recently-married friend might suggest the best caterer in the world. Although some of these suggestions could be useful, too much input can cloud your thinking and pile onto the stress. Before getting neck-deep in the planning process, take the time to determine who’s opinion will matter and on what decisions. When it’s crunch time, you’ll know who to listen to and who to ignore…politely, of course!

Attend a bridal show

With so many decisions to make for your special day, it’s tough to find your footing at the beginning. Attending a bridal show is one of the best ways to get a clearer idea of what your dream day looks like and how to make it happen. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with dozens of talented vendors to explore different wedding ideas and determine which are the best match for your needs. By the time you leave the bridal show, you’ll be lightyears ahead of where you were before. Make sure to go in with an open mind. You never know when inspiration is going to strike!

Set deadlines.

One year is widely accepted as the perfect amount of time to plan a wedding. It might seem like a lot of time, but it passes quickly when you’re in wedding planning mode. Trust us! Time management has to become a priority to make sure you’re on track to have everything lined up for your special day. A great strategy to keep things running smoothly is to set target deadlines for key decisions and actions. Working with an experienced wedding planner who successfully pulled off dozens of weddings doesn’t hurt either!

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