Unconventional Ring Materials and Designs for the Eclectic Buyer

Wedding-rings-cmA gold engagement ring with a lone diamond on top and an accompanying wedding band have been staples of matrimonial jewelry for decades. Although there have been some small variations in color and design in the past, the industry is starting to see a greater trend of diversity and creativity. Now, it is common to see rings made of completely different materials, with special stones, and in a wide array of colors. This growing variety is due in part to personal taste, a desire to stand out, and a break with tradition. There are even some people who opt for alternative rings due to allergies or ethical concerns. Since wedding rings are symbolic of a couple’s unconditional love, many people think this jewelry should be as unique as the relationships themselves. Here are some unconventional ring materials and designs for the eclectic buyer.


Stainless Steel Rings

Gold, platinum, and silver are some of the most common metals used in the production of wedding bands. If you’re looking for something that straddles the line between tradition and unconventional, stainless steel rings may be your best choice. These rings can still pull off the sophisticated and elegant look of traditional metals with some additional benefits. Stainless steel rings are much stronger and more durable than other forms of metal. As a result, these wedding rings are more likely to keep their luster and original size for a longer period of time than their more-traditional counterparts. If you have a penchant for custom designs, you’ll love the customizability of stainless steel rings. It’s easy and affordable to engrave messages or intricate designs. Due to their hypoallergenic nature, stainless steel rings are also a great option if you have reactions to other types of metal.


Wooden Rings

Wooden rings have become a popular alternative to metal bands in recent years. Many couples opt for this material due to its natural feel and aesthetic appeal. There is no doubt that a wooden wedding band will generate more discussion than a traditional model. Wood also makes for lighter rings which may be more comfortable to wear for individuals who don’t enjoy the clunky feeling of metal bands. The varying knots and striations that exist within pieces of wood make for a one-of-a-kind ring. Even though you can assemble a traditional wedding ring to be somewhat unique, it’s nearly impossible to create two identical wooden rings. 


Tattoo Rings

The circular design of a ring is intended to be a metaphor for the continuous and everlasting love shared between two individuals that enter into a marriage. Some eccentric couples decide to take this symbolic theme of permanence a step further by tattooing wedding bands onto their ring fingers in lieu of purchasing actual jewelry. Nothing quite says “we’re in this together” like getting a matching pair of tattoo rings. Although this idea may seem peculiar to some couples, there are actually some compelling advantages to having a tattoo ring. In addition to being a unique alternative to a wedding band, tattoos can also be customized in ways that standard jewelry cannot be. Tattoo rings are also considerably more affordable than many wedding rings.


Customization for a Personal Touch

Many brides are breaking free from traditional wedding bands and engagement rings in order to establish a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Even though traditional ring designs can be customized in small ways with miniature engravings or birthstones, the customization remains rather limited. If you’re looking for something truly bespoke and distinctive, you can always have a ring designed from scratch with a personal touch. Finding a motif or symbol that is special to your relationship and incorporating it in the design of the ring is a great way to add an intimate and idiosyncratic element. Some couples even have their fingerprints engraved on the rings to make them truly personal. In reality, there is an unlimited number of unconventional ring designs that you can choose from. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity.



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