Tips for Preserving a Wedding Dress (After the Ceremony)

Newlywed-at-wedding-day.-cmYou’ve spent months searching tirelessly for the perfect wedding dress. You weren’t going to settle for anything less than ideal on your special day. After visiting countless shops and trying on hundreds of gowns, you’ve finally found the one dress that speaks to you. It’s beautiful, stunning, and unique. Now that your wedding day has come and gone, you’ve realized that there isn’t much use for the dress anymore. But you also don’t want to get rid of it. Due to the sentimental nature and value of these gowns, many brides decide to keep them forever. Here are some tips for preserving a wedding dress after the ceremony.


Take the dress to a dedicated cleaner

Despite your best efforts, your dress is bound to develop some stains and imperfections come wedding day. Between all of the makeup, wine, cake, food, and dancing, it is nearly impossible to keep the dress pristine. In order to keep these smudges and marks from becoming permanent, you’ll need to take the dress to a dedicated cleaner. It’s advisable to find a provider that specializes in handling wedding dresses as these garments are more difficult to clean than your average article of clothing. Don’t wait until after the honeymoon is over because stains and creases become much harder to repair over time. You can always ask a friend or family member to take your dress to the cleaners if you don’t have time to spare after the wedding.


Transport the dress carefully

Whether you’re driving to a cleaner or flying home from a destination wedding, there is bound to be some transportation involved in the handling of your gown. Instead of tossing your dress in the back seat or in a piece of luggage, there are some specific strategies you should follow to make sure that nothing is ruined in transport. First and foremost, you should always keep the dress wrapped in a protective layer to avoid any stains. This could be a specialized garment bag or a plastic bag from a dry cleaner. If you have to fit the dress in a small area, fold it carefully instead of balling it up. Don’t forget to leave some air within the bag to help prevent wrinkles from developing. Even though these strategies may seem like overkill, you can never be too safe when transporting a dress that you want to preserve.


Store the dress in an appropriate location

As all newlyweds understand, forever is a considerable amount of time. If you plan on preserving your wedding dress for that long, you’ll have to find an appropriate storage location. Unfortunately, not every closet or drawer in your home will be fit to meet the needs of your pristine gown. It’s always a good idea to find a dark location that doesn’t get much use. Lighting can actually end up changing the fabric of a wedding dress. Instead of simply placing your dress in this dark area, you’ll want to wrap it with a garment bag to prevent any wrinkles or inadvertent marks. Plastic bags should be avoided as they can trap moisture and encourage the growth of mold. Once the dress is wrapped, you would ideally place it in the original delivery box. If you need to hang the dress, make sure to use the dedicated loops on the inside of the dress.


Outsource the work to an expert

Believe it or not, there is an entire profession surrounding the preservation of wedding dresses. If you’re worried about making a mistake when storing your gown or simply don’t want to make the extra effort, you can always hire a professional to handle the entire process. There are services that will take your wedding dress after the ceremony, remove any stains and blemishes, press or steam the gown, and place it into a protective container or sleeve for safe-keeping. Even though it’s more affordable to handle the preservation process alone, hiring a professional ensures that everything is done properly.



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