How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress Before the Big Day


There’s nothing but excitement and elation in the air when you finally find the perfect wedding dress. After trying on countless designs and visiting various bridal stores, the stars instantly align when you look into the mirror and know that this gown is the one. Despite your eagerness to walk down the aisle, you’ve still got a few months until you say “I do”. In order to keep those haunting images of stains, tears, and creases at bay, let’s explore some ways you can preserve your wedding dress before the big day.


Keep it covered.

The golden rule of wedding dress preservation is keeping it covered 24/7. The only time when it should be out of a protective layer is when it’s being worn. Although white is a beautiful and classic color for a gown, it also makes stains stick out like a sore thumb. By keeping your dress covered regularly, you successfully avoid any accidental blotches or blemishes.


Even though it’s convenient to leave your gown in the plastic covering that came with the purchase, you’ll want to transition to a garment cloth for long term storage. Plastic doesn’t allow dresses to breathe properly and can lead to funky smells and unwelcomed moistness. Keep the plastic cover handy though to protect against rain during transition.


Hang it up.

There’s a reason bridal shops choose to hang their expensive selection of gowns instead of folding them. Keeping the dresses suspended and the shoulders supported is the most effective way to preserve their form and shape. You’ll also want to use hangers dedicated for supporting wedding dresses as more standard models can tear through the gown or cause droopiness in the shoulders and neck area.

When it comes to finding a spot to hang up your dress, any standard closet or storeroom should suffice. The most harmful factors you’ll want to avoid in storage is direct sunlight and humidity. Overexposure to natural light can cause blotches, and too much moisture can destroy the shape of the gown. Also, make sure your dress doesn’t come into contact with the floor or other garments when hanging it up at home.


Transport it properly.

Sure, hanging may be the best way to maintain the integrity of your dress before the big day, but what about the times when space isn’t available? Whether you’re packing the dress for a destination wedding or transporting it via car, folding is going to be your best bet when transporting the dress. Here are some practical folding tips to get you started:


  1. Start by turning the gown inside-out for to give the outer layers even more protection.
  2. Spread the dress out on a flat surface and fold the train and wider portions of the dress towards the center.
  3. Fold the bottom of the gown into the waist area and place the torso of the dress on top.
  4. Gently place the dress into a garment bag or plastic cover.


Avoid silly mistakes.

Even the most valiant effort to preserve a wedding dress can be thwarted by avoidable accidents that occur when brides least expect them. Whether trying on your dress for final adjustments, showing friends and family, or getting ready for the big day, it’s critical to exercise increased caution when the dress isn’t being stored.

This means keeping all foods and drinks well out of arm’s reach when wearing the dress. Always put your wedding dress on after applying makeup or hair products to avoid accidental drips. To prevent stubborn dirt and grass stains, you should only take the dress outside for photos or during the actual ceremony.


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