Harvest to Home

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Jennifer Ward is the founder and personal chef behind Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services which provides expertly-crafted, locally-sourced, and fresh food fare. Harvest to Home caters for a wide variety of special events including elopements, micro-weddings, private dinners, anniversaries, bridal showers, and everything in between.

Between Jennifer and her husband, Harvest to Home has over 35 of collective experience in the culinary arts. Their passion for cooking is infused into every dish to help ensure guests at your event remain happy and satiated. Harvest to Home has mastered the art of transforming food into delightful creations that are designed to be shared.


Harvest to Home strives to keep its ingredients simple and understandable while keeping love at the center of each dish created. To ensure unparalleled sustainability and freshness, Jennifer diligently handpicks every ingredient. Even the packaging used is sourced deliberately to maintain the company’s unrivaled quality.


Unlike larger catering services, Harvest to Home is all about creating a meaningful, heartfelt, and unique culinary experience that will feed the body, soul, and mind of all your guests. There’s a powerful connection between memories and food and that’s exactly the experience that Jennifer can create for your wedding with her world-class chef services.


Harvest to Home offers a wide selection of tasty pre-made packages so you don’t have to worry too much about details. However, Jennifer is also more than happy to provide custom menus to cater to your personal tastes and preferences. It’s all about making your special day meaningful and memorable.


Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services can handle groups of up to 50 people no matter the occasion. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding with family and close friends or throwing a related event with a tight-knit group, Jennifer and her behind-the-scenes helpers are here to deliver unforgettable culinary delights to make your event that much more special.