Common Wedding Day Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Everyone’s heard horror stories about weddings gone wrong. From heated fights with in-laws to drops of makeup on a wedding gown, brides could list off an endless number of conceivable tragedies that could ruin their special day. Fortunately, even a little planning and organization can eliminate some of the more dramatic mishaps. The real issues that you need to worry about are those that keep you from making your big day as special as possible. Let’s explore some common wedding day mistakes and how you can avoid them.


No alone time for the newlyweds

Ironically, one of the more common wedding day mistakes is not spending enough time with your new spouse. With everything planned down to the minute, it can feel nearly impossible for couples to find a moment for themselves. Instead of waiting for a lull in the craziness, designate some time in between the ceremony and reception for some special “bride and groom” time to take it all in.


Feeling light-headed and woozy.

A bad combination of pre-ceremony dieting and a hectic schedule can lead many brides to go the entire day without so much as a snack for energy. In order to avoid feeling light-headed and delirious, it’s important to get enough water and calories throughout the day. Kick off the morning with a hearty breakfast, pack some snacks for the busiest times of the day, and make sure to tell the caterers to have your dinner waiting at a specific time.


Missing some key photos.

It’s frustrating to look back at wedding photos only to realize some special shots are missing. Whether your old college friends are finally all together again or that one relative who never leaves home made a special exception, there are certain photos that can’t be replicated. Be sure to talk with your photographer before the wedding about these special requests. You could even make a list to be safe.


Not interacting with every guest.

With extended relatives and old friends visiting from out of town, you’ll definitely want to spend at least a little bit of time with everyone in attendance. Between the rushed ceremony and crowded reception, it can be difficult to find enough time to tick off the entire guest list. Extending your wedding into an entire weekend with a low key get-together can help alleviate some of the pressure and make it easier to see all of your loved ones.


Staying in uncomfortable clothes.

Yes, your wedding gown is the most beautiful dress you’ve ever purchased, but it certainly isn’t winning any awards for comfort. The same can probably be said about those exquisite heels that don’t let your toes breathe. No matter how great you look in your wedding garb, there will come a point in the night when comfort trumps beauty. Packing an extra dress and comfortable shoes can make a massive difference in your enjoyment of the latter half of your special day.


Worrying about the wedding.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the more you worry about wedding details on your special day, the less enjoyable it will be. You’ve spent months brainstorming, planning, and organizing to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. When your big day finally arrives, you need to let go of the burden of worrying. You’ll have a much more meaningful and memorable wedding when all of your energy is focused on enjoying the day.


Expecting everything to be perfect.

A lot of undue stress and anxiety that brides face on their wedding day stems from an unrealistic expectation of perfection. It’s not uncommon to be taught from a young age that your special day should be something straight out of a fairytale. While you should expect your wedding day to be a memorable and exciting experience, that goal of perfection can end up detracting more happiness than it adds.


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