Avoiding Stressful In-Law Drama

Bride-and-Her-Mother-in-Law-Drinking-Wine-From-Large-Wineglass-at-Wedding-Celebration-cmOn your wedding day, everything should be picture perfect. This is an experience of a lifetime and one that will create memories to last just as long. That is why you work tirelessly for months to ensure that everything goes according to plan. You’ve assembled an all-star team of planners, caterers, cooks, photographers, hairdressers, and stylists to account for every detail of this momentous occasion. Just when you think that everything is handled, your in-laws start to cause unnecessary anxiety. Here are some strategies for avoiding stressful in-law drama on your wedding day.


Set boundaries beforehand

Talking can be a great way to diffuse any potential problems that might arise during the ceremony or reception. If you wait until tensions begin to fester, it could be too late. As the person in charge of the entire wedding, it is your privilege and responsibility to make certain guests aware of any boundaries that may exist. If you don’t want your in-laws talking to certain people, drinking too much, commenting on the event, or doing anything else that could cause unnecessary stress, you need to set these limits beforehand. This also gives your in-laws a fair chance to comply with your wishes. If they are unwilling to adhere to these boundaries, you can make decisions accordingly. Placing these expectations out in the open is the best policy for handling stressful in-laws.


Seat the in-laws at a distant table 

Seating arrangements play an important role at every wedding. You want to create a relaxed environment that encourages guests to mingle without becoming too distracted. This means toeing the line between making each guest happy and ensuring that no drama breaks during the ceremony or reception. If your in-laws are a constant source of stress and anxiety, it’s safe to assume that this tense relationship won’t cease on your wedding day. Placing your in-laws at a distant table is a great way to keep the drama to a minimum or avoid it altogether. It can also be helpful to seat reliable guests at the same table as your in-laws to make sure nothing goes awry.


Stay on the same page as your spouse

The only thing worse than having a disruptive in-law is allowing this drama to come in between you and your husband. On your wedding day, it is important to have open and honest communication with your new spouse. If there is a history of tension between you and the in-laws, he should have no issue talking about the situation openly. When broaching this issue, make sure to set the right tone. Try to avoid being accusatory or impatient. Let your husband know how his parents are affecting your special day and ask for his help in resolving the situation. This frames you and your spouse as a team and not as bitter rivals arguing about the in-laws.


Limit their alcohol intake

Sometimes alcohol can be the catalyst for in-law drama. With lower inhibitions and a skewed state of mind, some people go off the rails quite easily. If you’ve opted for an open bar at the reception, you may be having nightmares about what kind of chaos could unfold. If you have a hunch that one (or both) of your in-laws could end up causing you stress after taking advantage of the open-bar, feel free to set a limit on their orders. As the woman in charge of the entire event, you have the right to restrict alcohol intake for all guests, even your in-laws. All you have to do is talk to the bartender or set a limit for each guest if you want to err on the side of caution.


Don’t give in to the drama

Despite what Hollywood may tell us, most stress-inducing in-laws aren’t plotting the downfall of the wedding with maniacal laughter. Instead, these characters are usually passive-aggressive in comment and tone. While these backhanded compliments, short responses, and other annoying remarks may get under your skin, they don’t actively cause any drama. Sometimes, problems only start to arise when you give in to the pressure. Playing innocent can be a great strategy for handling passive-aggressive in-laws. If you don’t let their comments bother you, then no further drama has to develop. These types are usually fueled by reactions.



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