Advantages of Getting Married in the Off-Season

Beautiful-bride-and-groom-walk-with-the-deer-cmPlanning a wedding isn’t easy. If you ask anyone who has been through the process, they’ll tell you about all the phone calls, orders, emails, and other shenanigans that must be dealt with in order to make this day perfect. Among all these factors, choosing a date is often the most important and difficult decision to make. When attempting to set a final date, you’ll be considering various factors including cost, weather, availability, potential conflict, and more. Before settling on an exact date for your wedding, you should entertain the possibility of marrying in the off-season. While this may be a non-starter for some couples, the pros may come as a pleasant surprise. Here are some of the major advantages of getting married in the off-season.


Invitees have fewer conflicts

Making a guest list is one of the more demanding parts of planning a wedding. At first, you may brush it off as a walk in the park. However, once you sit down and try to decide who gets to come to the wedding and who must hear about it through Facebook, you’ll soon realize how difficult the decision can be. Once you’ve established a list and sent out invitations, you cross your fingers and hope that each invitee will be able to attend. If you’re getting married in the off-season, there’s a much higher chance that your guests won’t have conflicting plans from other weddings or vacations. Having a higher rate of attendance will make it easier to finalize a guest list and move on to other aspects of the wedding.

Destination weddings are possible

If you’ve been dreaming about that island wedding in the Caribbean for years, an off-season ceremony could be your ticket to making that dream come true. The beginning and end of the popular wedding season coincide with the beginning and end of summer. This also happens to be the most popular time of the year to travel. Flight prices skyrocket during this time because of the increase in demand. This greatly diminishes the chances that most people have at affording a destination wedding. The flight prices are just too expensive. If you opt for a ceremony in the off-season, on the other hand, you’ll find the trip to be much more affordable. In addition to lower flight prices, you’ll also encounter cheaper resorts, venues, restaurants, and activities.


You’ll have more options

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a free-for-all for any resources that are leftover. Whether you’re choosing a church for the ceremony, a place for the reception, or deciding on caterers and organizers, you’ll quickly realize that countless other couples are doing the exact same thing. This can make it significantly more difficult to organize your dream wedding. It’s a completely different experience if you get married in the off-season. With fewer couples planning their weddings, there will be much less competition for sites, planners, and other matrimonial resources. A greater array of options will make it much easier for you to plan the perfect wedding.


Vendors are open to negotiation

Vendors will comprise a large portion of your overall wedding budget. With photographers, caterers, organizers, florists, designers, and stylists on your payroll, prices can start to add up quickly. If you decide to get married in the off-season, these vendors will be much more willing to negotiate their prices and may even offer discounts on their own. After all, these service providers will have to find ways to attract a limited number of couples during the off-season. Instead of chasing after a vendor when everyone and their sister is getting married in the on-season, you’ll have a negotiating edge and a greater chance for discounts when marrying in the off-season.



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