4 Pet-Friendly Destinations for a Honeymoon

Young-Couple-Walking-Dog-On-the-Coastline-cmHoneymoons are all about spending some quality time with your new spouse at a romantic destination. Fortunately for dog-lovers, there’s no steadfast rule against bringing along a four-legged friend. And if you’ve found somebody who shares your passion for canines, this may play an important role when planning your newlywed getaway. Don’t limit your options to places that are obviously catering to pets. You may be surprised to learn how many idyllic places are more than accommodating to couples with canines in tow. Here are some of the best pet-friendly destinations for a honeymoon. 


  1. Paris, France

If you thought that bringing a pet along would restrict your honeymoon options to less-than-ideal locations, think again. As one of the most romantic and quintessential honeymoon destinations in the world, Paris is also surprisingly pet-friendly. It’s not uncommon to see Parisians themselves out at cafes, shops, or restaurants with their dogs. If you see a sign welcoming animals, consider that a free pass for entry. There are also many pet-friendly forms of accommodation that still maintain their romantic appeal. Villa Beaumarchais and Villa Daubenton are two centrally-located, 4-star hotels that allow pets. There are also many Airbnb options that are accommodating to canine guests. Dogs are allowed on all forms of public transportation in Paris, although larger pets may incur a small fee. When your dogs are going stir-crazy from the stressful city life, you can always take a romantic stroll through one of Paris’ many curated parks.


  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

As one of the more popular honeymoon destinations for American newlyweds, Cabo San Lucas is also very accommodating to furry companions. With warm and sunny weather year-round, you won’t have to spend so much time worrying about which indoor places allow pets. A majority of restaurants have outdoor patios or cabanas where newlyweds can relax and enjoy a meal with their furry friends resting at their feet. There’s a good chance that you’re considering Cabo San Lucas for the romantic beaches. Luckily, there are countless playas open to dogs. The aptly named Lover’s Beach is one of the most popular in the area with its stunning rock formations, comfortable sand, and long-list of activities. Medano Beach and Caba Bellow are two other pet-friendly beaches where you can spend some intimate time as man and wife…and man’s best friend. When looking for accommodation, you’ll have no trouble finding an intimate setting that is also open to pets. The Resort at Pedregal and Casa Dorada are great, 5-star resorts with beach access, dog-friendly facilities, and more.


  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This beguiling city of canals, bicycles, and tulips is always a great destination for honeymooners. Although Amsterdam is a pet-friendly city throughout the year, summer is the ideal time to visit with your four-legged friends. If you can time your honeymoon accordingly, you’ll see the city come to life with bustling bike paths, blooming parks, open terraces, and active canals. Amsterdam’s cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores are generally accommodating to pets, especially when there’s an outdoor seating area. You’ll find no shortage of honeymoon-worthy accommodations that also allow pets. The Waldorf Astoria and De L’Europe Amsterdam are both 5-star, pet-friendly hotels that are centrally-located on some of the city’s most breathtaking canals. Amsterdam is the ideal location for taking romantic bike rides, and the city’s structured traffic lanes make it safe to bring your dog along for the ride. The countless parks sprinkled throughout the city are inviting for intimate picnics and calming strolls. Dogs are allowed into a vast majority of these parks.


  1. Banff, British Columbia

Banff is the perfect honeymoon destination for outdoorsy newlyweds who don’t want to spend a minute without their four-legged companions. The adjacent Banff National Park is comprised of endless hiking trails, exciting outdoor activities, and picturesque views that will excite honeymooners and canines alike. Lake Louise and the Valley of the Ten Peaks is a must-see when visiting the area. You can rent a canoe to paddle throughout this picturesque vista. Every hike around Banff is open to pets, and you certainly won’t be lacking for stunning views. The town of Banff is a quaint resort area that is equally accommodating to pets. Fairmont Banff Springs and Hidden Ridge Resorts are both 4-star resorts with pet-friendly facilities that offer excellent views of the surrounding mountains and easy access to the national park. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination where you’ll have free reign with your pets, Banff is calling your name.



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